Fabric Awnings

Awnings have been around since the Roman Empire in the 1800’s. Many of the fabrics and frames have changed for the better. Longer lasting materials and lighter weighing aluminum frames. This is all good for today’s awnings.

Along with the styles and ease of use we also have the opportunity to enhance our homes or businesses and reduce our energy consumption in the summer. An awning placed over a west facing window can reduce the interior temperature of a building by 15 degrees. It will also reduce damage to the interior of your business or home.

Carolina Canvas & Awning custom creates all of the awning frames right here in our shop. We use square aluminum pipe and Tig Weld the aluminum for strength. Some awning shops mig weld their frames and then grind the weld to make it look good. Doing this reduces the strength of the awning frame. With Tig Welding there is no grinding it down, smooth. The Tig Weld has the look of a metal bead between the connection points. It imbeds itself into the aluminum for a stronger frame that holds up to punishment.

We like to give all of our awnings a lace bar for easy removal of the fabric covers. So when it comes time for a major storm or just a change in colors, the cover can easily be removed and replaced.

At Carolina Canvas & Awning all of our employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation & Liability Insurance.

We Offer A Wide Variety of Types of Fabric Awnings

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Fabric Colors & Patterns

Traditional Awnings

Traditional Awning is the standard most commonly known style in the industry. It is most widely used by the public.

Contemporary Awning

Contemporary Awning
Similar to the traditional awning but has open ends. A contemporary awning does not have fabric on either end of the awning.

Convex Awning

Convex Awning
These awnings curve out on the front. Similar to a quarter of a barrel. The awning has enclosed sides and can have an eye-catching valence on the bottom of the awning.

Dome Awning

Dome Awning
Dome awnings are similar to a quarter of a round ball. They can be extended to create a long stretched out dome style. Or an elongated convex with dome ends to give a rounded look.

Patio Awning

Patio Awning
A very enjoyable awning for a patio or deck. It is angled for water run off and can remain up during rain and standard winds. It gives you a place to enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at the end of the day. There are usually aluminum posts to handle the extended projection of the awning and create a secure structure for year round enjoyment.

Wraparound Awnings

Wrap Around Awning
Just like it says it wraps around the structure for shade and protection from the elements. It gives you similar to a wrap-around porch of shade. Southern Charm at its best.

Walkway Awning

Walkway Awning
There are a variety of styles of walkway awnings from round marquee, gable, to hipped in style. They can be used for walkways in a variety of settings. Only limited by your imagination.

Enclosure Panel

Enclosure Panels
Clear or Solid fabric panels that can enclose a porch or to extend a restaurant’s food service area. These panels can be with zipper windows to have air flow or just for rain and winter time. We can place screens in them or use rigid polycarbonate clear panels. All these choices change the overall cost of the enclosed area.

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